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January 2007

My new haircut (and story behind it)

Although this didn’t happen since my last post, I thought it was too good a story not to publish! So here goes. About 2 weeks ago I was having a terrible, terrible day. One of those days where you think… Continue Reading →

21st century developments

Ever noticed how our life is being made so much easier through 21st century developments? Our lives are full of mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, computers & laptops, scanners, websites, internet banking and so the list goes on and on…. Continue Reading →

Pampering and dining out

I received some distressing news whilst at work and battled to concentrate thereafter. Eventually at 3.15pm I headed home. I had to go an find something to do that would make me feel better – and I found just the… Continue Reading →

Snow, snow, glorious snow

I woke up this morning (at 5.50am) very disappointed that there was no sign of the snow the weather report had promised. By the time I walked out the house at about 7.15am, the evidence of the cold night was… Continue Reading →

Meeting some fellow South Africans

We have just returned from meeting Anne-Marie and Andries Kruger. Before I continue, sometime I might refer to Andries as ‘Andrew’ and sometimes as ‘Andries’ or ‘Dries’. This is because the average Englishman can’t say ‘Dries’. And besides, when they… Continue Reading →

Where we live

This is where we live. Originally a semi-detatched house, but converted into 4 apartments in the mid 80’s. Each apartment has the use of a full floor. We used to live on the top floor, but when Jack and Hazel… Continue Reading →

*sigh* exercise

Just created my blog, but have to rush because I am off to the Leisure Centre to play squash with my very good friend, Lisa.

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