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February 2007

Where the help comes from

“Do-it-yourself”, the motto of first world western society, and of course here it is no different. Growing up in South Africa, we become so accustomed to having people help us with every day chores as well as with the ‘bigger… Continue Reading →

Absent friends and family

Living away from friends and family is never going to be easy. I envy people whose whole family live in the same city – perhaps even spitting distance apart. Living in different towns and cities is difficult, living in different… Continue Reading →

Sunday (pub) lunch

Sunday lunch is really an institution in England. A roast and all the trimmings can normally be had at any pub. Unfortunately, most pubs really serve sub-standard food in the UK. But, thank goodness, not all of them. The Grosvenor… Continue Reading →

Isn’t it freezing?

Ooh my gosh. I am freezing my little tootsies off! (What exactly are tootsies anyway?) Let’s just say: It would have been nice if our heating were working! We have been holding our for our new boiler to be installed… Continue Reading →

Swap party

Ever been to a Swap Party? It is based around the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” principle and provides hours of entertainment. I had read about it in a supplement that came in one of the papers around… Continue Reading →

Dead Guilty

Being members of the Club Theatre (£30 pp/year, we are sent vouchers to see 6 plays per year, put on by amateur dramatists. However, so many of the plays have been anything but amateurish! Last night we went to… Continue Reading →

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