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November 2007

Almost 2008

Today it hit me … tomorrow is December. Which means the beginning of the end for 2007. I only just now got used to writing 2007 and it’s almost time to start writing 2008. Thank goodness we don’t use cheques… Continue Reading →

£2194 + £20 + £10 + £50 = £2274

That is how much we made for charity last Saturday night. Thank you to everyone who attended, who donated, who supported, who made it possible in any way. £2,274 Also a big thank you to Uluru Bar and Grill for… Continue Reading →

My head is spinning…

Just a quick note to say, oh golly gosh but I am run off my feet. I am so exhausted – I am certainly going to need my holiday in December. In short, this is what I am up to:… Continue Reading →

Charity Fundraiser 24th November 2007

Our sponsors have been extremely generous! Here is a copy of the original invite

I feel liberated

What a few months I have had! I joined an NHS PCT (Primary Care Trust) in August to help with a systems roll out, but very soon realised that I had joined a project from hell. Let me qualify –… Continue Reading →

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