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November 2008

Lunch at Juniper

Juniper is one of the region’s few Michellin starred restaurants. And we’re off there for lunch today. We elected to go at lunch time because it is vaguely affordable then. When I booked it, it was advertising a 3-course lunch… Continue Reading →

Sale Sharks 27 vs Leicester Tigers 13

Sale Sharks 27 vs Leicester Tigers 13Sale Sharks 27 vs Leicester Tigers 13Sale Sharks 27 vs Leicester Tigers 13Sale Sharks 27 vs Leicester Tigers 13 One of the biggest games of the season and our boyz rose to the occasion…. Continue Reading →

Holiday news

For those who read my recent blogs, our search for a holiday that would tick all our boxes, has finally come to an end. These were the contenders: Go to Gambia for a week birdwatching and a chimpanzee camp for… Continue Reading →

Changing role of children

Do you remember the days where children were seen and not heard? During my youth, it wasn’t quite this bad, but we certainly knew our place in society. We knew that anyone older than you had to be respected. They… Continue Reading →

Posh ladies

You always hear about authors finding characters for their books in public places: trains, planes, stations, shops, restaurants. And I fully understand how! This morning, I was sitting at Stockport Station, waiting for my train to London. Next to me… Continue Reading →

Credit Crunch, Recession, Spend, Spend, Spend

I read the pre-Budget speech with an element of horror. The UK government is going on a spending spree on our behalf, and we will be owing a small fortune as a result. I remember from those sketchy Economy lectures… Continue Reading →

Should it be allowed?

Slurping, sucking, puckering, schlopping, more slurping. This is what I had to put up with on the tube today. This couple were one step away from needing to get a room! From the looks of disgust on my fellow commuters’… Continue Reading →

Just a quick update …

I am on on the train again. Being a Monday, the service is busy busy busy. I could have taken a later train, but the only problem is, if I leave later, I am not guaranteed a parking space at… Continue Reading →

2nd blog entry in one day!

What do you know, 2 blog posts in one day – perhaps even more as I might have some time to catch up. This is because I have the time. I am currently on the train from Wilmslow (15 mins… Continue Reading →

How do they cope … take 2

I shall try to recreate the blog post I did last night. I was so disappointed that my computer ‘ate’ it. This time I shall create it in a word file, then copy it across, rather than entering it directly… Continue Reading →

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