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August 2010

Brownies on the braai

Today we’re trying something different: brownies on the braai And don’t they look fantastic. Just a few more minutes to go! Love it!

If I were president…

… I would introduce similar rules to those in Germany: – Prohibit trucks from overtaking during peak hour on weekdays – Prohibit trucks from overtaking on stretches of the road that are often congested – Prohibit trucks from 3rd and… Continue Reading →

Kids getting cleverer

Now call me cynical, but this graph looks odd. In words, what it says is that kids are getting clever, and in the past 2 decades, they are clever at a much faster rate. Well, not the kids of the… Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about eggs

Now I know you may been thinking that I have lost the plot – that eggs don’t deserve their own post. But I disagree. I have blogged about my excitement and the sheer joy I derived from finding out that… Continue Reading →

Other of life’s pleasures

Oh, life has so many pleasures. In no particular order: Book club – I just love going to our monthly book club. I joined through a friend’s friend and it is such a fantastic escape once a month. This is… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Festival

We are looking forward to going to Edinburgh in a fortnight’s time. We both get to meet up with friends we haven’t seen in while, as well as going to the Edinburgh Festival. We haven’t been to the festival in… Continue Reading →

Braai in spite of the weather

We have no sun … but we have spirit! So we had a braai (bbq). And it was a huge success. Now I can just imagine my English countrymen thinking: “What does she mean by a successful braai? Isn’t a… Continue Reading →

Summer 2010

Well, officially it is summer, but you wouldn’t know it. I just had to go and add another jumper – and today is the warmest day predicted this week! *sigh* At least the red wine is going down well.I had… Continue Reading →

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