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February 2012

Flavour of the day artists

Whilst in Manchester, we took a quick stroll through the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, not looking for anything in particular, when I noticed Lily Greenwood’s small gallery.  She is one of my current favourite artists, but until then, I… Continue Reading →

The 2012 Cafe Challenge list grows

Whilst we were walking around Manchester, we came across a few interesting looking cafes, not on the list, and another surprise which deserves it’s on separate post: Lily Greenwood’s gallery. This is Sugar Junction Tib Street, Manchester, Northern Quarter, M4… Continue Reading →

Teacup, 55 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

As you walk in, you’re faced with a “Wait to be seated” sign. Not any old coffee or tea room then. A delightful Irish lass saw us to our table and brought us our menus. I opened the menu and… Continue Reading →

Oklahoma, 14 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Yes, we continued our cafe quest, and the third cafe we went to, was Oklahoma in High Street. The big wooden doors are kept shut, so you could think they are closed, but what a surprise when you walk in!… Continue Reading →

North Tea Power, Tibb Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

This was our second stop. As you walk in you realise they must have good wifi as you can barely move for all the laptops! The table configuration is quite unusual as they have one large dining-type table with multiple… Continue Reading →

Drip, Hilton Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

At first we couldn’t find it, but thanks to 3G and mobile internet we realised we’d turned left, instead of right into Hilton Street. (57 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 2EJ, England, tel +44 161 2355100) The cafe had quite a… Continue Reading →

Spice Club, Manchester

What a wonderful afternoon we had on Sunday! Tim and I went along to Momica and Anita’s from Manchester’s own Spice Club. The afternoon started around 2pm at their home in North Manchester. There were 6 of us in total… Continue Reading →

Quotes that have had an impact on me

When I was at school, I used to collect inspirational quotes. I had a little book I used to write them down in. Unfortunately I once lent them to a friend and never got them back. This doesn’t mean that… Continue Reading →

2012 cafe challenge

I met up with my friend, Lisa, last night.  And asked her whether whe wants to take part in my 2012 challenge.  As it involves coffee and cake, I think she’s in. I am planning to visit Manchester’s top 10 cafe’s,… Continue Reading →

Our neighbourhood

I had to pop into Hale to post a parcel today, and I although I have been living here for 9 years, never have I been so acutely aware of wealth, and the eagerness to show it off, as today…. Continue Reading →

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