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February 27, 2012

Flavour of the day artists

Whilst in Manchester, we took a quick stroll through the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, not looking for anything in particular, when I noticed Lily Greenwood’s small gallery.  She is one of my current favourite artists, but until then, I… Continue Reading →

The 2012 Cafe Challenge list grows

Whilst we were walking around Manchester, we came across a few interesting looking cafes, not on the list, and another surprise which deserves it’s on separate post: Lily Greenwood’s gallery. This is Sugar Junction Tib Street, Manchester, Northern Quarter, M4… Continue Reading →

Teacup, 55 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

As you walk in, you’re faced with a “Wait to be seated” sign. Not any old coffee or tea room then. A delightful Irish lass saw us to our table and brought us our menus. I opened the menu and… Continue Reading →

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