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Cloned Number Plates – what to do if you’re a victim?

I am really concerned that someone has cloned my number plates, and I cannot find any way to report it formally.  I will continue to lobby my informal network and social media to see whether there might be a viable… Continue Reading →

South Africa vs UK – what I will miss & what I won’t

Mkuze Falls with the whole family I have spent almost 2 years back in South Africa, but will be returning to the UK in less than 2 weeks’ time.  And the one question on everyone’s lips is:  Are you looking… Continue Reading →

Living in UK vs SA – the differences

Have you ever thought about moving the UK?  Never been before?  Or just been on holiday?  Or are you living in the UK and you’re thinking about moving back to South Africa?  Have you considered living in UK vs SA… Continue Reading →

DIY, farm style water-slide fun

Christmas was at my sister’s house on the farm in Greytown, South Africa this year and Andy’s DIY, farm style water-slide fun kept the whole family entertained.  But wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Christmas day was going to… Continue Reading →

Hazel Food Night Market – Pretoria

I just love the Hazel Food Night Market in Pretoria which takes place around the first Saturday of each month.  It normally starts around 5pm and lasts until about 9pm. Firstly, prepare yourself for it being rather busy, as its… Continue Reading →

Traffic circle? Roundabout? I must do what?

South Africans have no idea what do do at a traffic circle (roundabout)!  Most of them treat them as a 4-way stop!  It means that if you do know what to do at them, you dare not do the right… Continue Reading →

Tumble Downs, Midlands Meander, KwaZulu Natal

Last week we visited Tumble Downs restaurant on the Midlands Meander in KwaZulu Natal to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday.   The setting is stunning – Tumble Downs is located outside Howick on the Curry Post Road, with views over… Continue Reading →

Following Mr Crazy, R103, South Africa

I’d like to share with you our experience of following Mr Crazy on the R103 between Vrede and Warden, in South Africa.  We were on our way down from Pretoria to Greytown, to visit my sister and family.  Unfortunately, there… Continue Reading →

Hazel Food Market, Pretoria

Our weekly Saturday morning highlight is the Hazel Food Market, Pretoria which takes place at the Greenlyn Village Centre in Menlyn.  And luckily for us, it is very close to where we’re living whilst here:  about 20 minutes on foot or… Continue Reading →

Gym South African Style

by Tim Hermolle Pretoria South Africa One of the challenges as I get older is to maintain a reasonable level of fitness. And usually when we return from holiday in South Africa I have to go on diet and start… Continue Reading →

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