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Almost a local in Hoi An

When we decided to spend 6+ months in Asia as part of a sabbatical, we had the choice of many destinations and a little time in each.  Or trying to become a local whilst slackpacking, i.e. slower paced backpacking. Most… Continue Reading →

A Vietnamese breakfast order to explain Brexit

Being on sabbatical in Vietnam whilst reading the BBC news and progress on shambolic and frankly worrying Brexit negotiations, made me think a little of a local analogy. In Hanoi, Vietnam, we stayed at a hotel that had a breakfast… Continue Reading →

Unspoken rules for getting around in Vietnam

Getting around in Vietnamese cities, whether that be getting around by bicycle, motorbike, car or on foot, takes a bit if practice.  We haven’t used the buses, so I can’t comment on those, but for the rest, we’re starting to… Continue Reading →

Hanoi to Hoi An by train

Hanoi to Hoi An by train was quite an experience for me. But before I continue, I need to come clean and explain that I do not have much experience of train travel in Asia or other parts of the… Continue Reading →

Weird Vietnamese street food in Hoi An

What is the most adventurous thing you have eaten? Would you consider eating weird Vietnamese street food?  How weird? I head you ask. I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me start at the beginning. Hanoi Street Food Tour We… Continue Reading →

Getting to know the Vietnamese

If my first impression of Vietnam was an assault to the senses, the next was a slow burn of charm, enchantment and delight. As time goes by, and I am getting to know the real Vietnam, I am loving it!… Continue Reading →

Bangkok – Food Heaven

Just how good is the food in Bangkok?  OK, I have to come clean, we love Thai food, so this blog is not entirely impartial.  On this trip to Thailand we decided to look for something beyond a pad thai… Continue Reading →

Hanoi La Vision Hotel poisoned us

I bet your first thought at the “Hanoi La Vision Hotel poisoned us”, was one of food poisoning, but you’d be wrong! I am talking harmful stuff which could have had a terrible outcome. Let me start at the beginning…. Continue Reading →

Bangkok observations and interesting facts

What the guide books don’t tell you about Bangkok: everything that makes it unique & different. From traffic, to design, to markets and mosquitos.

Delighted by Bangkok street food

Once we had overcome our street food fear, thanks to friends in Hong Kong, we went on to be delighted by Bangkok street food. And in Bangkok, finding street food vendors, is almost as simple as merely walking out onto… Continue Reading →

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