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Hanoi La Vision Hotel poisoned us

I bet your first thought at the “Hanoi La Vision Hotel poisoned us”, was one of food poisoning, but you’d be wrong! I am talking harmful stuff which could have had a terrible outcome. Let me start at the beginning…. Continue Reading →

Bangkok observations and interesting facts

What the guide books don’t tell you about Bangkok: everything that makes it unique & different. From traffic, to design, to markets and mosquitos.

Delighted by Bangkok street food

Once we had overcome our street food fear, thanks to friends in Hong Kong, we went on to be delighted by Bangkok street food. And in Bangkok, finding street food vendors, is almost as simple as merely walking out onto… Continue Reading →

Vietnam – first impressions

Asia can shock your senses, and Hanoi Old Town will do just that. Feel, breathe, smell, see and touch this vibrant city!

Travel – Living like a local

Yes it is cheaper, but living like a local gives you the true authentic experience everyone is craving.

Travel styles – holiday vs travelling

There are differences between travelling vs holidays, incl. mini-breaks, backpacking, touring or living like a local.

Thai massage – torture or pleasure

If you’ve never been for a Thai massage, you may be in for a shock! Read on for details …

Random Hong Kong facts

When you’re new to a place, you notice the differences. Here’s my Random List of Hong Kong Kong Facts.

Tai O houses built on stilts

Tai O, Hong Kong, is charming: houses are all built on stilts. But it hold another trump card … read on for more

Hong Kong – then and now

Being back in Hong Kong in 2017, it has made my husband, Tim, think about the Hong Kong, then and now. I asked him to share his memories and comparisons … by Tim Hermolle When I was growing up as… Continue Reading →

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